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Pressure Reducing Valve – PRV

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Pressure reducing valves, also known as PRVs, are used for lowering and regulating water pressure and protecting your new tap.

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Our taps and tanks have a recommended maximum working pressure of 3bar, so if your pressure is above that, then it is recommended to fit a PRV.

  • It fits in-line on a mains inlet pipe.
  • Our PRVs are automatically set to the recommended 3bar
  • Our PRVs are 15mm compression fittings – no need for awkward reducing washers, making ours easy to fit.
  • Once fitted, the PRV will continually open and close slightly in response to pressure and flow rate
  • It will allow water to pass when the pressure is below the set 3bar and reduce it when it goes above 3bar.
  • Our PRVs help prevent damage to your tap and your tank such as leaking or accelerated damage to seals, valves etc.
  • Our PRVs can also help reduce excessive water consumption during use.
  • Available as an optional add-on to all our systems.