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Supplier Spotlight on Reina Radiators

The UK’s leading supplier of designer radiators and heated towel rails.

Reina was established in 2005 and is still privately owned. They design and create more products than any other company in this field, constantly leading the trend by combining the latest styles and functionality.

Everyone has their own sense of style and design, and that’s why REINA has created a range of products that meets the needs of every interior style.

Whether it is timeless classics to the latest in energy-efficient designs, Reina radiators are now one of the most sort after radiator products in the UK which is why Brands That’s All are proud to be a supplier of Reina Radiators.

Over the years Reina has worked to create, no matter what, the perfect home environment when it comes to home heating. They are driven to understand how their products can transform interiors to meet the new fashion designs for the home and their main criteria are style, desirability, uniqueness, originality and innovation.

REINA adds excitement to the world of heating.

Reina Design and Efficiency

The REINA range of designer models are sure to encompass the perfect design for you, no matter what shape, style or size you are looking for and they will continue to remain at the forefront of designer radiators and towel rails.

Reina’s range of radiators’ efficient design and steel frames means they have quick heat-up times and retain a high BTU, they are amongst the best at heating your home. They also source all their Steel requirements from the UK.

Reina Flat Panel Radiators

The Reina flat panel radiator collection includes the Casina and the Vicari flat panel designs. Both ranges of these radiators come in both horizontal and vertical designs. There modern and slick look come, as do most of the ranges, in a choice of colours and texture finishes and are renowned for their quick heat-up times and space-saving slimline look.

Reina Vertical Radiators

Currently, Vertical radiators are in more demand as they provide a sleek modern look whilst due to their horizontal nature are space-saving in nature. Some of the most popular modern ranges from Reina are the Belva and Neva which utilise smooth and accentuated columns, come in a choice of colours and texture finishes and like the flat panel radiators, are renowned for their quick heat-up times and space-saving slimline look.

How do Radiators work?

A hot water radiator is a type of heating appliance that provides heat to a building by absorbing heat from the air and releasing it into the room.


The working principle of this type of radiator is based on the natural phenomenon of convection, which is when heated air rises and colder air falls. A hot water radiator has a number of pipes or tubes attached to it, which are filled with water at about 90 degrees Celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit). The pipes are then attached to the walls in order to heat up the room.



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